• 30 december

    Picasso at Strozzi35 works by the spanish artist from the Reina Sofia museum of Madrid to Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence.
  • 29december

    Modì at palazzo blu
    The greatest works by Amedeo Modigliani for the first time in a solo exhibition in Pisa.




Amiata Web Michele Arezzini

Three friends, “Three Moons”

image 4They are young, brave and willing to amaze. The restaurant run by these chef-prodigies, all under 30, is located in Calenzano, just a stone’s throw away from Florence.

The city without umbrellas

Pioggia Firenze piazza Signoria rettangolareUnpredictable. Autumn in Florence holds surprises. Sometimes they are good, like clear, sunny days; sometimes they are not so good, like thunders and lightnings.

A guide for the most special gift

Jardin divers webTuscany, and Florence in particular, are full of lit streets with small hidden shops, almost unknown, or other ones which are terribly well-known, where one can find the antique to take home.

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Food & wine


Tuscan Restaurants



Food & wine

Appetite comes with learning

scuola cucinaMore and more people really want to learn how to cook. The “made in Italy” products and recipes already play a starring role on the table; now it is the turn of the “made in Italy” cooking schools, that are having a huge success.

Bacchus world

Good wine among the stars

20131113 C6881 PHOTO EN 33313We will see a lot of stars on 10th August, Saint Lawrence Day. During one of the most romantic nights of the year, one of the most curious and successful event of the summer takes place: Calici di Stelle.


Poor fish? No, very rich

PoveropesceCroakers, mullets, garfishes and anchovies have finally earned their place in heaven. Yes, because the most common and less fancy fish is also the most succulent ever.

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A hill as high as the Tibet

Pomaia buddhaThe sound is almost imperceptible, but regular. You can hardly hear it, mixed up with birds' twitting. Someone started to turn the prayer-wheel: a woman goes round the red cylinder which is slightly taller than her.


In the "house" of porcelain

ginori webWhen talking about porcelain is impossible not to refer to Richard Ginori, a brand loved by King Vittorio Emanuele II, commissioned by King Umberto I and admired all over the world.


Palazzo Vecchio in a bag

genten webLike two old best friends. There's a connecting thread between Florence and the Land of the Rising Sun, between the excellent skills of Tuscan craftsmen and the Japanese attention to detail.